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On the establishment of the Japan P.E.N. Club Digital Library

President, The Japan P.E.N. Club
Director, Japan P.E.N. Club Digital Library

Umehara Takeshi

The Japan P.E.N. Club is an international association of Japanese writers.The P.E.N. Charter affirms the following: "In all circumstances, and particularly in time of war, works of art, the patrimony of humanity at large, should be left untouched by national or political passion," and "Literature, national though it may be in origin, knows no frontiers, and should remain common currency between nations in spite of political or international upheavals." In order to oppose nuclear testing, support movements for the preservation of the environment and human rights, and fight to protect freedom of speech, the power of our members' art is absolutely essential. Our belief in "the might of the pen" forms the basis of our efforts to maintain world peace and freedom of speech.

Today, in honor of its annual "P.E.N. Day," the Japan P.E.N.Club moves to establish its own "Digital Library" in which the best works of our past members, beginning with Shimazaki Toson, our first president, will be recorded. In addition, our nearly 2,000 current members will select their own works to be included in the library, along with introductions. Thus, we would like to amass as complete a collection as possible of modern and contemporary Japanese literature, to be made widely available to both domestic and international readers. We hope that you will lend your strongest support to this undertaking.

November 26th, 2001


2001-2009 The Japanese Centre of International P.E.N.

Concerning copyrights, the Japan P.E.N. Club Digital Library mainly contains copyrighted literary works included with the permission of the copyright holders of each work, either the authors themselves or the copyright heirs if the author is deceased. No part of this Library's contents may be reproduced in any form without permission. For more information, email to info@japanpen.or.jp